Tortie Hoare Ltd, founded in 2010, creates exclusive, high quality furniture handmade in Britain. Each individual piece is carefully crafted with natural elegance and sustainability at the forefront of design.


Many items in the current award-winning range use a technique called ‘cuir bouilli’ to mould the leather, removing the need for resins and plastics. ‘Cuir bouilli’ was commonly used to make medieval armour before steel. Combining old techniques with contemporary design creates a unique new range of furniture.

Tortie Hoare Studio delivers sustainable luxury furniture and lighting for private residences, restaurants and hotels.

Creating one off designs through to mass production, our ability to deliver products perfectly tailored to your needs is our passion. We are able to manage the full process from initial idea to delivery, working efficiently to budget and timeframe with the use of leading suppliers.

All enquiries are welcome.

Recent Work

Our recent work has been looking at unconventional leather sources within Britain.

We found that each year, thousands of deer pelts are discarded as a result of the venison supplied to restau-
rants in the UK.

With our passion for finding new ways of using natural materials, over the last few months we have been
learning and developing our own curing techniques to incorporate this raw material into our work.

These pieces of furniture have been designed to show off this wild material and its ability to take on a con-
temporary style with unique qualities.

Saving these pelts from going to waste and creating this new range of furniture has been incredibly interest-
ing, informative, rewarding and at times, very smelly.